Prevention and Mitigation of Genocide and Mass Atrocities: Focus on East and Central Africa, and on the Islamic World

Papers from the June 2010 GPANet annual meeting

Global Perspectives on Prevention and Mitigation

Yehuda Bauer, Andrea Bartoli, Ted Robert Gurr   The Genocide Prevention Advisory Network - 2010   Download file
Yehuda Bauer   Some Current Problems of Genocide Prevention   Download file

Responding to Instability and Genocidal Violence in East and Central Africa

Ted Robert Gurr   East and Central Africa: A Legacy of Deadly Political Violence and the Risks of its Recurrence   Download file
Eric Reeves   Sudan on the Brink   Download file
Eyal Mayroz   US policy on Darfur and the Moral Obligation to Suppress   Download file

Preventing and Mitigating Potentially Genocidal Conflicts: Comparative Evidence

Birger Heldt   Management of Civil Wars and Genocidal Violence: Lessons from Statistical Research   Download file
Heinz Krummenacher, Can Deniz   How International Policy Changes in Kivu are Reflected in The FAST Early Warning Data, 2002-2007   Download file
Ted Robert Gurr   How Africa’s Internal Wars Ended: Lessons for Prevention?   Download file
Jennifer Leaning   The Use of Patterns in Crisis Mapping to Combat Mass Atrocity Crimes

What Actors, What Policies for Prevention?

Gregory H. Stanton   The International Campaign to End Genocide: A Review of Its First Ten Years   Download file
James Smith   How AEGIS Trust Engaged UK Policymakers in Preventive Strategies
Barbara Harff   Risk Assessment and Early Warning and Their Uses for Prevention: Three Mini Case Studies   Download file
Andrea Bartoli, Tetsushi Ogata   Supporting Regional Approaches to Genocide Prevention: The International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR)   Download file
Yehuda Bauer   China’s Growing Economic Interests in Africa: A Pragmatic Basis for International Policies to Restrain Repression and Genocide?   Download file
Roy Gutman   Impunity in Afghanistan? No Future Stability without Justice   Download file